Areas of Usage
• ATC, Railways Traffic Control Emergency Services
• Law Enforcement
• Government Intelligence
• Defense

• Complete solution for audio record, replay and archiving applications
• Advanced & Enhanced Live Listening
• Reliable capture of all communication
• User friendly interface
• Security and protection
• Filtering and Squelch

       Goverment and Private sectors like transportation (Air traffic,railways), public safety (911/112), Homeland security; demand compelling call & voice recording systems. DUMAN, as the flagship software suit of BTT, provides a powerful system for effective call and recording needs.

DUMAN offers ;
• Data recording from a wide range of sources including VCCS's, radios, fax, digital and analogue telephony record between 8 and 480 lines.
• Various options which which cover analog and digital telecommunication recording needs.
• Continuous operation 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year for most critical environments.
• Unlimited system licence for the entire life span.
• Compliance with international standards; ITU, ETSI, ICAO, CAA.

       Systems can be configured to record 8 to 480 channel alone or form groups for redundancy and work as dual units or can be networked to cover nationwide deployment requirements to reach thousands ports. All systems are build with state of art software options and COTS hardware.