Areas of Usage
• Law Enforcement
• Government Intelligence
• Military
• Business Intelligence
• Accountability – Fraud Detection
• Cyber Crime

• Uncover the hidden connections with powerful visual link analysis tools
• Turn raw data to the actionable intelligence with enhanced data
   visualization Pattern discovery to deal with complex relations
• Unified platform for Collection, Storage, integration, and retrieval of
   multiple data types and sources
• Share and reuse the information generated
• Standardize methodologies and communication along organization

       In an era, where analysts faces growing volume and variation of information flowing at increasing speed, BTT-SCOPE provides a fast and easy way to harvest meaningful relationships buried in large volumes of raw information.

       BTT SCOPE is a proven solution for a single point of access to display and analyze datasets from unlimited types of databases. Whether it be national ID’s, tax payments, registry records, police and criminal records, internet monitoring information, bank transactions or call detail records, massive quantities of information in different formats are integrated with BTT-SCOPE’s data mediating capabilities. The links between suspects, events, objects, phones, entities and members of the network are presented visually on a single platform thus, searches from different sources that used to take extended time now occurs in seconds.

       Either used as an offline presentation tool to display relations, or getting the anomalies out of data automatically, BTT-SCOPE can be provided as a rewarding and efficient tool for time-saving process to pinpoint a target. The graphical and textual display exposes connections between suspects, colleagues, car model, addresses, post codes, places or entities gathered from a variety of sources. The powerful and easy-to-use visualization of data promotes the production of evidence-based tactical and strategic reports.

BTT-SCOPE offers tools for;
• Network Analysis
• Financial Fraud Events
• Money Laundering
• Currency Counterfeiting
• Telecom Frauds
• Payment Card Frauds